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11 Rice and Beans Recipes That Aren’t Boring

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Looking for rice and beans recipes that are fun and not boring? Here’s my roundup of some of the most delicious rice and beans recipes on the net, that’ll blow you away (on a budget, of course).

Some pros to rice and beans: 

>> They are some of the cheapest food items you can find. 

>> Together they make a complete protein

>> A rice cooker and canned beans make it ridiculously easy to whip up a meal.

>> They make for a very delicious, filling, and satisfying meal. 

>> Beans are a great source of fiber. 

>> There is a plethora of rice and bean varieties to choose from.

Awesome. So I think we’re ready to dive into these delicious rice + beans recipes from the good ol’ net, right? Let’s prepare the bibs — drooling is totally acceptable here. 

Plant Based And Broke – Puerto Rican Yellow Rice With Pigeon Peas 

Did you know that pigeon peas are actually beans? Well, now you know. And when you combine the rice and pigeon peas – you have something special called arroz con gandules, or yellow Puerto Rican rice. Secret tip: The magic in this dish is in the sofrito.

Sweet Potato Soul New Orleans Red Beans And Rice 

Ooooooh with a touch of smoked paprika, liquid smoke, and cajuan seassoning, you’re not gonna need anything else!

Just Jen Jen – Dominican Black Beans With White Rice 

Alright, so let’s move on to Dominican-style beans. So much flavor. So much yum. It’s only right when you pair it with rice, avocado and sweet plaintains – but let’s be real….the beans are the real star.

The Full HelpingRice, Beans, Tofu, and Greens 

Y’all can never say that rice and beans are boring everrrrr again. This one is loaded with all the good stuff: rice, black beans, tofu, tomatoes, and a robust flavor from the variety of spices used.

Plant Based And BrokeBrown Rice And Black Bean Burgers 

Now let’s take that rice and beans and make a damn good burger. This veggie patty is just waiting to be plopped onto a bed of letuce and topped with all of your favorite veggies and sauces. My choice? A vegan chipotle-mayo sauce.

Minimalist Baker Sweet Potato Black Bean Burger

Ran out of burger ideas? Remember: the burger opportunities are endless when they’re plant-based. 😉

Where She BeginsBlack Bean and Pumpkin Burgers 

I know, we’re at burger #3 in a row. But, burgers are life – and this one will make you want seconds. It has a mixture of black beans, brown rice, mushrooms, pumpkin, and onions. Damnnnn.

Let’s Be VeganBasmati Fried Rice 

Wooo let’s make good use of those garbanzo beans in your pantry with this filling and delightful bowl. And it’s fried. So you know it’s good.

Plant Based And Broke – Hearty Rice And Bean Tomato Soup 

Who wants a creamy plant-based soup!? It’s hearty, it’s delicious, and it has a touch of Puerto Rican flavors with a packet of Goya sazon.

I Can You Can Vegan –  Mexican Rice And Refried Beans 

While we’re on this Latin theme, let’s move on to a delicious, green wrap filled with Mexican rice and refried beans cooked with bold flavors: diced green peppers, onions, minced garlic and jalapenos.

The Spruce Eats – Vegetarian Bean and Rice Burrito

Need to brighten up your breakfast? Try this black beans and rice burrito. It honestly can’t get any easier than this!

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