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Meatless Meals With 10 Ingredients Or Fewer

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Let me get you in on a little secret: like most households, my kitchen pantry and fridge are not exactly bulging with fresh foods and ingredients. 

To stick to a budget and to limit any food waste, I go to the grocery store equipped with a plan and a list. That means I typically only have what I need and what I will eat for the week. 

With that being said, for my everyday life, I stick with recipes that are relatively easy, fast, with affordable & approachable ingredients. That means I cook a lot of stews, soups, rice, beans, oatmeal, sandwiches, mixed vegetables, and pasta

That’s just the reality of my life. As much as I would love to cook something new and exciting every single day, it just doesn’t make sense from a cost perspective. If you’re a home cook, you understand that a new recipe may require a long list of ingredients that you might not already have on hand and what you might use only once. 

Yeah, that’s not very cost-effective. Here are Meatless Meals With 10 Ingredients Or Fewer

Roasted Carrot Red Lentil Soup 

Less or fewer than 10 ingredients plant-based  roasted red carrot lentil soup

I am a big fan of soup – especially when it’s fashioned with a whip of fresh carrots and tender red split lentils.

The carrots are oven-roasted to boost their natural, earthy flavor. It’s a great way to utilize your late spring carrots during a time when the season is still mildly cool enough full-bodied soup. 

Chocolate Peanut Butter Oats 

Less or fewer than 10 ingredients chocolate peanut butter oats

Just about every day I make a bowl of creamy oats. This one is ribboned with bitter dark chocolate and creamy peanut butter made with roasted, unsalted peanuts.

With just a touch of brown sugar, this bowl of porridge has a modest depth of sweetness, yet balanced by the natural umami flavors pulled from the peanut butter. A fun way to get your morning fiber and protein in. 

Gluten-Free Banana Pancakes 

Less or fewer than 10 ingredients, a stack of hearty gluten-free banana pancakes

Serve your grumbling belly a thick and lofty stack of gluten-free pancakes made with mashed sweet-spotted bananas and floured oat bran. These hotcakes are best cooked on a buttered griddle or skillet.

Start your morning with a breakfast dish that’ll keep you satisfied until the lunch hour rings. 

Homemade Vegan Applesauce 

Less or fewer than 10 ingredients applesauce made with fuji apples and dates

This homemade vegan applesauce is a whirlwind of natural flavors. When I was younger, this used to be my favorite after-school snack. Now it’s an any-time-of-the-day favorite, but this one’s better.

We’re using pitted Medjool dates in this recipe, which are small fruits with a small belly swollen with a rich caramel-like note. Fresh out of the pot, the warm applesauce is infused with ground cinnamon earth’s best sweetness. 

Loaded Tofu Scramble 

Less or fewer than 10 ingredients loaded tofu scramble with kale, beans veggies, and warm tortillas

Just like clockwork, Sunday morning is the day I bring in warm freshly baked bread from the market. I top the toasted loaf with a thick paint of creamy dairy-free butter and well-seasoned tofu scramble.

The tofu is gently whipped over the highest heat, in a greased skillet. I like to toss in tender green kale, still attached to its hearty spine, cooked red kidney beans, and nutritional yeast to add a naturally nutty and umami flavor. 

Mushroom Bacon 

Less or fewer than 10 ingredients smoked veggie bacon made with mushroom

The earthy, fresh mounds of sliced mushroom stretch onto a sheet of parchment paper to be transformed into garnet and gold slices.

The flavors are balanced: undertones of sweet maple, black pepper, and a whisper of oak from the smoked paprika. It pairs well with a hearty slice of seeded, buttered toast.  

Vegan Breakfast Burritos 

Less or fewer than 10 ingredients breakfast burritos made with juicy soyrizo, beans, tender spinach, and tofu scramble

Breakfast: go big or go home. This breakfast burrito is layered and packed with a combination of spiced soyrizo, creamy russet potatoes, tender spinach, and buttery black beans.

Once folded, the burrito is lightly browned on the skillet to seal its pouch from exploding. Every bite is met with a stir of voluptuous umami flavors and a range of textures.   

Chocolate Chia Pudding 

Less or fewer than 10 ingredients chocolate chia seed pudding made with cocoa powder

During the warmer months, I like to make a robust cocoa pudding to cool me off and energize my spirit.

Garnished with a plump, crimson-colored strawberry, everyone will be scooping a heaping portion into their bowls. 

Chocolate Oat Bran Muffins 

Less or fewer than 10 ingredients chocolate oat bran muffins with semi sweet chocolate chips and ground cocoa

Every bite is loaded with bitter-sweet chocolate chips and depth of powder cocoa. The chocolate notes in these muffins are so generous, you won’t even miss the excess sugar often whisked in a traditional muffin batter.

Made with oat bran, you only need one muffin and a black cup of coffee to settle your morning appetite. 

Gluten-Free Chocolate Oat Bran Pancakes 

Less or fewer than 10 ingredients gluten-free chocolate oat bran pancakes topped with berries and a homemade chocolate sauce

Gather around the worn-out kitchen table, we’re having a breakfast treat you’ll never forget. These wholesome hotcakes are poured with thick and folding chocolate syrup and topped with a chunk of cold, salted vegan butter.

If you want to add more flavor, toss a few slices of slightly sweet bananas or flash-frozen berries. 

Smoky Mac And Cheese 

Less or fewer than 10 ingredients smoked mac and cheese made with raw cashews

When I want to impress crowed, I whip out my macaroni dish slathered with a smooth and velvety homemade cashew sauce.

To bring forth the natural smoky flavors from the raw cashews, we’re adding a generous tap of smoked paprika.  

Tried a dish from this of Meatless Meals With 10 Ingredients Or Fewer list?

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